How Much for a Little Screw? Book 3



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About this book

♦ A new feature-length episode with characters from the first 2 books

♦ A full-length standalone novel

♦ Can also be read alongside How Much for a Little Screw?

Robbers, Roofs and Rhona

The most famous hardware man in the world is blissfully unaware he's having women trouble – with 5 of them, in fact. It begins when Rhona calls him to see to her swimming pool that stinks to high heaven. But what he's faced with in her garden of delights is nothing compared with the devastation that awaits him back at base.

When events begin to spiral out of control, threatening extra dollops of despair and destitution, what can he pull from his toolbox to help the good shop remain afloat?

Based on true stories, this is a fictionalized memoir of life as seen from behind a shop counter; it's a treasure trove of anecdotes, some tinged with humor, others with disappointment. And some are downright bizarre.

Little Screw Trilogy