Starship Down!

Starship Down!

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About this book

Stranded for almost 4 years in an uncharted section of the mass universe, the prize of the Federation of Intergalactic Exploration – the starship Artemis – is crippled by an unprovoked attack and sent hurtling toward the snow-bound surface of a planet. The crew awake to find themselves stored in life-preserving tanks; their uniforms, their technology and their ship are missing – and so are two of their number…

Thus begins a tale of adapting to life in a cruelly-freezing climate, to co-existence with an unknown species, the possibility that their starship is beyond repair – and the ever-present threat from the hostile Ice Warrior, a beautiful young woman driven by pure vengeance.

It seems that all hope of returning home to Earth is lost.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

This was completed in 2001. My intention was to allow one or more outsider characters – that is, not purely members of the starship's crew – to play a large part in resolving the overall predicament. This is not the philosophy usually allowed to writers catering for the mass-franchise sci-fi worlds.

Starship Down! is an action tale, with less emphasis on backstories, so largely you take the crew as you find them and see what happens.